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Blowing in the Wind

We moved into our house during the summer of 2013. The trees the run behind the house were in full bloom and the housing area behind us couldn’t be seen. Once the leaves began to fall, we noticed something that appeared to be caught in one of the trees. It is too high up to reach with a ladder so it has remained there. On windy days, the object flaps about, and I often think it will finally break free, but it doesn’t and it hasn’t in all of the time that has passed. Not even when Hurricane Sandy went through our area or the many nor’easters that we’ve had since then.

I have no idea what the item is. At first, I thought it was a plastic shopping bag someone carelessly discarded that was caught by the wind and deposited in the tree, becoming tangled among the branches. It catches our attention only to be forgotten until the next windy day when it is spotted again. I would think a plastic bag would have degraded by now. Or maybe I hope that it would have.

Each year as winter turns to spring, the leaves on the trees come out to block our view and we can no longer see it. When fall arrives, and the leaves are gone, we are almost surprised to see that it is still there. This year it looks different. It appears more tattered and looks like it might actually be a fabric of some sort. Fabric is heavier than a plastic bag, so I wonder how it might have gotten so high up in the tree. I wonder if it will still be there next fall when the leaves have gone again or will it finally break free. And if it does, where might it go next?

Is there anything outside your window that makes you pause and wonder?


WTF Moments of the Poconos Trip

I wrote earlier about our trip to the Poconos. While the trip was enjoyable and the views absolutely spectacular, it wasn’t without some minor moments that made me say WTF. So I’d thought I’d share them.

The first WTF moment were the bees. It happened upon our arrival at the train station. I have never seen so many bees in one place before. They were everywhere. On benches, chairs, swarming around the trees and if you thought you could escape them by going indoors, you couldn’t. They were even in the restroom, so there was no escape. The surprising thing was that once you left the train station, we didn’t see another bee the rest of the time we were there. So the town really needs to find out what is causing the bees to stay in one area and try to eliminate it.

Another WTF moment was when we realized that most of the little shops in town were only open for a few hours a day, usually between 11 am and 4 pm. That was rather surprising because the area describes itself as an outdoor lovers destination. It has hiking and biking trails throughout the country. There are also kayaking and canoeing trips that leave from the town as well as zip lining up in the mountains. People are taking part in all of those outdoor activities and when they return to town in the evening, very few shops are open for them to shop and spend tourist money in. We left in the morning and returned later in the day, but there really weren’t many places to stop in and shop.

Shopping provided still another WTF moment. I am a visual shopper. I like to look at the windows and see what the shop is telling me about what they are selling. If what I see is interesting or something catches my eye, I will go in and explore further. If not, then I move on to the next window. But we realized that many of the shops had windows that were blocked out. Some were covered with some sort of film or with a color painted on them. WTF was that about? Maybe the idea was to stop people from staring inside. Other windows were just plain dirty and you couldn’t see in them. Many had nothing written on them to tell you what the shop was. I don’t know about you, but I’m not someone who will walk into a shop where the windows are covered and you can’t see inside. We walked past one shop several times while we were there and on the last night as we walked home after dinner, a person came out with a coffee cup. As we passed by we realized that it was a coffee shop, ut there was nothing on the outside showing that’s what it was. Even the name was obscure. I couldn’t help wonder how much business they were losing because people had no idea they were even there.

The drones provided another WTF moment. I know that drones are being used to capture the beauty of nature, but continually flying over the businesses, one of which was the B & B that we were staying at, was just plan annoying. I mean really, what were they looking for? My mind immediately goes to someone searching the area to find something to steal. I’m sure that wasn’t the case, but the buzzing and hovering was just too much and it drove us inside when we were trying to relax and enjoy the view around us.

And the last WTF moment was that we didn’t see one police officer for the entire time we were there. Not one police car, police bike or even a police officer walking. There was no police presence at all. It was strange. In this post 9-11 age that we live in, we have gotten used to seeing police everywhere, so to see none was really surprising. As we drove home, my husband and I commented on that and we were rather surprised. He said that they were probably there, but just keeping out of sight or were in plain clothes. I said they were probably using the drones to police the town.



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