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Can We Keep The Super Bowl Commercials Secret Next Year?

Unless your team actually made it to the Super Bowl, the only reason a lot of us watch the game is for the commercials. I am originally from Chicago…Go Bears…so having moved around a lot since getting married, I cheer for the local team where ever we are at the time, unless they are playing the Bears…Go Bears! Since the Bears haven’t been to the Super Bowl since January of 1986, it is all about the commercials for me.

Our Super Bowl tradition is the food, wings in several different flavors, chips and dip, pizza rolls and something sweet for dessert, which was fudge brownies this year. So no, it isn’t a gourmet feast, but it is perfect for the Super Bowl. Eat, eat, eat and watch a commercial. Eat, eat, eat and watch a commercial. Past favorites are anything with the Clydesdale horses and the Doritos Pug, (probably because I have a pug).

So this year, who decided that it would be a good idea to release the commercials early? I understand trying to create a buzz about a product ahead of time, but that didn’t seem the case. Maybe when you are paying $5 million dollars for a 30 second spot, you want to have your commercial aired across the nation for free as many times as you can get it. There were numerous news articles about the ads for this year and they included the videos of the commercials. I could skip reading them, but when I watched the news, they discussed the commercials and then proceeded to show them. No, no, no. Don’t show them early. I want to see them for the first time during the game and then play Monday morning quarterback to discuss with family and co-workers which commercials were the best and which were the worst. But this year, that discussion happened during the week prior because companies decided to show their commercials early.

So now that is it all over, what is my opinion? I didn’t really enjoy them like I usually do. And my Super Bowl watching experience was just that. I watched the Super Bowl. I didn’t care who won, and because I saw most of the commercials ahead of time, there was no anticipation or excitement. I did like a few though. The Mt. Dew Puppy Monkey Baby one was rather funny (probably because the puppy face was a pug) and they did have the Clydesdale horses. The one for Jeep’s 75th was very moving, while Steve Harvey for T-Mobile made me laugh. But it just wasn’t the same.

So next year, please keep the commercials a secret. My Super Bowl watching experience could use some excitement…unless the Bears make it…one can only hope…and dream…and keep fingers crossed…and say prayers…lots and lots of prayers. Hey, it can happen.

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