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Laughing About the Little Things


I recently read a blog post on The Adventures of Travel Penguin and one of the things that stood out to me was a question of when was the last time you laughed. I admit that I had to stop to think about it for a few minutes. I mean we probably laugh several times a day, but I would say that most of them fall into the category of nervous laughter or laughing along with others regardless of whether we think something is funny or not. But when was the last time that you really laughed at something that was just stop you in the tracks funny?

I have to admit that it took me a few minutes to think back to when I truly laughed and it didn’t have to do with memory and age :), but had more to do with the fact that we really don’t have enough laughter in our lives. For me, I have been focused on dealing with work lately and that hasn’t been a fun situation. But that shouldn’t be an excuse. I should be able to put things aside that do not bring me joy and focus on those things that do.

So to answer Travel Penguin’s question of when was the last time I laughed, I  will tell you that it was about two weeks ago and it involved our new car. I had a job interview after work so when I came home, my husband said that he wanted to go out to dinner. He said I could tell him about the interview and didn’t have to worry about dinner. One thing about our new car is that it is synced with our phones and it will read the texts out to you.We have chuckled once or twice when it reads a text that has words misspelled because it reads them exactly how they are written and the text will make no sense at all. On our way home, we were stopped at a red light and the car gave the notification that my husband had received a text message from a friend. He pressed “Read Text” and the car read off the text which was “Hahahahahahahahahahahah!” Hearing the car try to read a message of ha ha’s was just so weird and she sounded too funny and we laughed. We laughed for several minutes and I even texted him the same thing just to hear it again.

As we were driving, my husband looked at me and said, “Should we be worried that we are laughing at something so silly?” I looked over at him and said, “You’ve been making me laugh for 25 years, nothing is too silly to laugh about.”

So when was the last time that you truly laughed? If you can’t think of something and your car can read your texts, get someone to text you a bunch of hahahahahahahahaha’s and you’ll be laughing soon enough.



Hmmm Things

Some Random Things That Make Me Go Hmmm…

When you get a new cell phone, it is normal to keep playing your ringtone over and over until you think you can recognize it when someone calls you?

Why do we have days in the 70’s and 80’s during the winter, but when spring arrives and the flowers bloom, the temperature drops into the 30’s and we have to worry about frost killing off our flowers?

Why are people surprised when the strong winds blow the loose siding off their house?

Why don’t the people with the loose siding get it fixed correctly so it doesn’t keep blowing off when it’s windy?

Why is it that whatever we decide to wear for the day will be the one thing that needs to be ironed and there isn’t time to iron it?

Why can’t you find the flower planter that you want for your yard when you want it, but when you don’t need one, you see them everywhere?

Why is it when you take the time to pack your lunch, you really don’t want to eat it when you get to work and buy from the cafeteria instead?

Why do people expect their bosses to buy them special gifts on their special day, such as Secretary’s Day or Nurses Week, but they don’t want to contribute to a gift when it is Bosses Day?

Why do people who are late for their appointment think that it is wrong that the person behind them was taken because they showed up on time?

Are you really going to vote for a President because a celebrity endorses them?

Why do people say they aren’t going to vote if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination? If you don’t vote, then shut up. You have no say in anything for the next 4 years.

Why is a rainy day the perfect time for a midday nap?

Why do we find comfort in the sound of our pets snoring?

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