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Wishes For a Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day to my husband!!!

And to everyone that takes on the role in someone’s life.


Happy Easter!!!


Happy Holidays


Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday!!!

For JP

Hey JP… just checking in to see if you and Guido are okay. Worried about you both in London. Hugs to you both. You’re in our prayers.

Mother’s Day Wishes

Wishing all a very happy Mother’s Day…

He’s A Keeper

My husband and I have some interesting conversations during dinner. At work, he is the only man on his team and he often comes home from work with tales of interesting work conversations that he was forced to over hear. He uses the work forced because there really isn’t anyplace for him to escape to. He works in a cube in the middle of other cubes, so he basically hears everything. And apparently most of the women have no real filter and nothing is off limits to talk about. The other day he came home and while we were putting dinner on the table he asked how many products I use on my skin. I looked at him and of course asked him why he was asking. He said that one of the women that he worked with was talking about how long it took her to get ready in the morning.

Me: “So how long did she say it takes her?”

Hubby: “Two hours. She said she has 28 different things she uses on her face every day.”

Me: “What the…who takes two hours to put on makeup?”

Hubby: “She does. She has a list.”

Me: “A list of what?”

Hubby: “A list that tells her what order to put things on. She lines them all up on the counter and checks them off one by one. She said if she goes out of order she has to start over and she might be late for work.”

I was busy trying to figure out what a person could possibly use on their face that would add up to 28.

Hubby: “So how many do you use?”

Me: “Let’s see, I use a facial cleanser in the morning and a moisturizer with sunscreen. Then I use a micellar cleansing water at night and then I use the facial wipes during the day to refresh. So that would be four items.”

Hubby: “Oh, she wasn’t counting cleansers. The twenty-eight was just her makeup.”

Me: “Then that would be a total of zero for me.” I have rosacea, so make-up just irritates my skin, so I don’t use it.

Hubby smiled and kissed my cheek,”I know. You don’t need all that stuff. You’re beautiful just as you are.”

Yep, he’s a keeper!!!

Emission Testing-Quick and Easy, Not Really

The state of Maryland requires any vehicle over 3 years old to have the emissions tested to make sure that the vehicle is not creating pollution and ruining the ozone layer. Vehicles are tested every two years and this year it is the Jeep’s turn. This usually means that we have to make plans to leave work early (usually me because I work closer) or go on a Saturday morning to the nearest location to get the test done. I was looking forward to this because we recently found a new pizza place near there that has a thin crust pizza that is absolutely delicious, so I figured we could get the test done and then get lunch. There is also an automatic car wash across the street, so we could cross three things off our list. Two for my husband, get the emission test and wash the Jeep. And one for me, eat yummy pizza.

mva-kioskAs my husband was reading the material and looking for the deadline, he saw that Maryland has put emission kiosks around the state and one was at the MVA office. And it was 3 miles closer than the real emission testing station was. He was excited to see that it cost one dollar less, $10 instead of $11 and it was available 24 hours a day. We could go anytime. Hooray!!! We’d save a dollar and I wouldn’t get pizza. I heard about this kiosk every day, for more than a week, until my husband decided that Saturday would be the day.

So on Saturday we drove to the MVA, which was closed, but the kiosk was open. As we pulled up to kiosk I pointed out that my husband had driven past the sign with the instructions. He promptly informed me that he had watched a video online, so he didn’t need the sign. And besides, the instructions on the screen would walk him through things step by step. Ummm, okay.

Step 1: Scan your emission notice. Not readable. Scan again.

Step 2: Insert credit card to pay $10. Done, but the card couldn’t be read so remove card and try again.

Step 3: Turn off car and put car in park. (I think it should be put car in park and then turn car off. Keeping quiet).

Step 4: Open the door to the right and remove the emission device.

Step 5: Plug the device into the slot below your dashboard. A picture shows where to stick the plug. This takes several attempts, but eventually the plug fits in.

Step 6: Start your car.

Step 7: Wait for your car’s emission information to be downloaded. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Step 8: Turn off the car.

Step 9: Remove the emission device.

Step 10: Test not completed. The device could not read your car’s emission information. Your payment will be refunded.

Additional steps added:

Step 11: Husband starts cursing about the “piece of s@#t thing not working” and what a “d$%n waste of time this is.”

Step 12: Wife expected this would happen, but kept it to herself so husband wouldn’t be more upset.

Step 13: Drive back home because the real emission testing place was now closed…but next time, I’ll get my yummy pizza.

Happy 25th Anniversary


It’s Hard To Believe It’s Been 25 Years

I Love You More Everyday~~Thank You For The Memories We Make Together!!!

Congratulations Jean Paul and Guido

corinthia_londonCongratulations on the start of your new journey!!!

Wishing You Much Love and Happiness!!!

Happy Father’s Day


Wishing all a Wonderful Father’s Day!!!

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