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Ahh…Goodbye Lottery Dreams…Until Next Time

So by now, reality has set in and we didn’t win the lottery. We can all go back to work and wait for the lottery to get big again before we start dreaming about what we would do if we were the one that won. Congratulations to those three who did. Bet you actually think your life won’t change. Unfortunately, because you live in a state that forces you to come forward and show the world who you are, you will be forced to change your life.

Seeing a picture of the couple from Tennessee that were the first to come forward, they didn’t look too happy. Of course that might have something to do with the fact that people were already giving them lists of things they “hope” they might give them out of the kindness of their hearts. This included an executive from their little Tennessee town, who instead of stopping at wishing the couple well at winning the lottery, caught a case of verbal diarrhea and proceeded to give them a list of things that the town could use, such as new fire equipment totaling in the millions. Of course he spoke of the fact that they were generous before, so that means he expects them to be generous with their winnings now. And if they aren’t, I’m sure he will proceed with the public shaming until they donate a substantial portion of their winnings.

Let’s hope that the remaining two winners are organizing their great escape. If it were me, and I had to come forward to prove to everyone that I won, I would wait until my escape plan was in place. Then I would have my press conference and that would be the one and only time you saw me. After that, I would use my winnings to disappear. There is no way that the winners, after going public, can ever live normally in public. Every place they go, they will be a target. If they think they can continue to work their regular jobs, they are kidding themselves. Comments will be made that they are millionaires now, so they should let people who really need a job have theirs. If they don’t they will be labeled as being selfish and greedy. Others will look for reasons for a confrontation and then sue because they were slighted in some way. They will either spend millions defending frivolous lawsuits or in payouts to people to make them go away. Eventually, their employer might ask them to leave quietly because they are just too much of a distraction.  They may want to stay in their nice little house, but they will have to arm themselves with the latest in expensive security systems that are monitored 24/7 because it will become a burglar’s paradise. Everyone will break in looking to steal the items that you purchased with your millions. Too bad your state just made you a target. I bet anonymity is looking good about now.

If they do anything, they should read what Mark Cuban said when asked if he had any advice for the next “billionaire” lottery winner. His advice, learn to say no and keep saying no to friends and family. Otherwise they will end up broke as so many have in the past. I’ll keep that in mind when I win….of course you won’t know I won because I live in a state that allows us to remain anonymous.

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