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Rainy Weather

We have had a lot of rain go through the area in the past week. While we received a couple of inches, some areas received a lot more. The good news is that we have cooler temperatures for a few days, which has been nice since we were in the upper 90’s for a couple of weeks. As the storms moved through, the sky looked beautiful….


Photo © Lenalee


Storm clouds clearing in the late afternoon

Photo © Lenalee


Calm After the Storm

Photo © lenalee

The picture above was taken several weeks ago from our deck. It was early morning after storms had gone through with a front that was bringing cooler weather. Since moving to Maryland, the one thing I have noticed is that when a front goes through the area, either a cold front or a warm front, there is always a big difference in the clouds as it clears the area. Fronts would go through in Kansas, but never with such a separation of the clouds.

So what do you see when storms go through your area?


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