A Flock of Seagulls

And no, I’m not referencing the 80’s band by the same name. I’m talking real ones. Before moving to Maryland, I had never seen a seagull up close. I saw them on television and had read that they could be pretty bold when it came to food and stealing it out of a person’s hand. They aren’t really seen in Kansas. Here in Maryland, I live near a river and the bay, so you see seagulls. Of course, most of those sightings are in the parking lots of stores. The gulls have learned that parking lots are a good source of food. After all, people love tossing things away and a few don’t care where they toss their trash and parking lots seem to find a lot of it.

Last weekend, my husband and I were running errands. He wanted to run into Target and I decided to wait in the car. Within a few minutes, a mom came out of the store pushing a cart with her child in the main section. In the upper section were two drinks and apparently some sort of food. The mom stopped and lifted her child out of the cart to put them in the car, and in the blink of an eye, a swarm of seagulls swooped in and picked the shopping cart free of the food. I thought I was seeing things when I saw a seagull with a bag of chips flying away. Another lifted a cup from the cart and dropped it. The mother turned and looked, screamed and dashed into the back seat of her car. The seagull with the bag of chips dropped it a few spaces away and the swarm was all over it. Chips disappeared quicker than snow on a hot grill. The gulls were hovering over the cars. Two literally hovered in front of my car. I wanted to get a picture, but my purse with my cell was on the backseat and there was no way I was getting out of my car in the middle of a scene from The Birds.

Once the food was gone so were the birds. A few minutes later my husband came out of the store. As we drove out of the parking lot we passed the seagulls sitting on the ground about twenty feet away. “I always wonder why seagulls seem to hang out in parking lots,” my husband stated. “You should have come out two minutes ago.” I replied. “You would know exactly why they hang out here. It was an all you can eat buffet. They apparently like potato chips.” I don’t think he believed me. But he will. Next time I’ll have my cell close at hand.


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  1. I ACTUALLY love sea gulls and would probably find it quite hilarious to watch this scene. They are quite something. But funnier would be for them to attack Wal Mart shoppers!!! I remember my good friend last summer in Rehoboth Beach was walking up the street to our house. I told him he may want to finish his Thrashers before leaving. Didn’t listen. With in minutes about 60 gulls started to dive bomb him. Squealing like a girl. I course was laughing my ass off. I finally said to him drop the fries ad run.

    And speaking of birds…..E9 is getting ready to leave the nest. It will be sad. Yes… still watch everyday


    • I would have been squealing as well. The two that were hovering in front of my car were scary enough. I wouldn’t know what to do with 60. The funny thing is Wal-Mart is across the parking lot from Target and the birds prefer Target. 😊

      Mark your calendar to start checking the nest again around New Years. Harriet and M15 will start all over with new babies to watch. It will be sad when E9 leaves for good. He is so big now.


  2. I hit the button by accident! Flocking round their heads. I hope you did your best Tippi Hedren impersonation Lena?


    • I can appreciate birds from afar. I just don’t want them close enough that I can see their little eyes and feel the wind from their wings. (Shudders at the thought) Tippi would be proud at my escape 😁 It was much bigger than it looks when it isn’t flying.


  3. Birds scare the hell out of me. They used to sell bird food at Trafalgar Square and tourists would end up with about six million pigeons flocking round on thei


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