Missing: Winter

I am someone who enjoys winter. I like the cold temperatures. I love walking outside and hearing the crunch of the frozen grass and leaves underfoot. I love taking the dog out early in the morning bundled up in a wool throw and seeing my breath in the air. I love sitting on the couch with a fire in the fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate next to me. But this winter, I haven’t experienced much of that. Winter hasn’t really showed up to my part of Maryland.

1st Snow of the Winter

1st Snow of the Winter

We’ve had some cool temperatures and a few days in the teens, but most days have been in the 40’s or 50’s and last weekend we were in the 70’s. We had the windows open and I thought about putting on a pair of crop pants, but it is still February. Last year I wrote about the 37+ inches of snow that we received from the blizzard that dumped it all in one night. This year we had snow twice. The first snow was only about 1.5 inches. The picture to the left shows the snow from that “storm”. I use the term “storm” because all of the Weather people were making the storm out to be something major. Turns out it wasn’t much of one and they were even more bummed than me. The second snow was just a dusting. Neither of them covered the roads, so there wasn’t really problems from them.

The school children are upset that they haven’t used even one snow day. Of course they will get out of school earlier than they usually do, but when you want to play in the snow and there isn’t any, well, I can understand why they are upset. Also upset are the landscape companies that rely on earning money by plowing businesses during the winter. Some say that plowing is 50% of their income, so without it, they may not be able to continue. Most of all, a mild winter usually means that the summer will be especially buggy. Not a good thing for me. I am a bug magnet. If it bites or stings, they find their way to me. I’m not looking forward to being their snack.


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  1. According to my mother Cruella if you are born during the colder months you love the cooler weather, if you are born during the warmer you love the heat. Not sure when your birthday is but I would so love my mother to be wrong…


    • Well JP, your mom is wrong. 😁 I was born the first week of August, in the warmest part of the summer and I do not do well in the heat. Give me snow, cold, ice and and I’m good. ❄⛄❄


  2. I will admit, I not a huge winter person, but I can appreciate every of the beauties that each season brings. Summer is generally my favorite season, the hotter the better. But even I enjoy some snow. I was hoping we would get at least one huge storm that would dump like 4 feet and close down everything for a couple days. Ah well Lena, I guess we will have to wait to make snow angels till next year.

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    • 4 feet of snow and everything is closed….sighs and wishes it were so. Oh my Mistress, I haven’t made a snow angel in years. I might get down and not be able to get up and they wouldn’t find me for months. 😊


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