Poconos Trip…Bees, Leaves and Drones

View From Penn's Peak

View From Penn’s Peak

We recently returned from our trip to the Poconos, specifically the area around Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. The trip up was very pretty. I was surprised by how much further along the trees in Pennsylvania are in terms of turning colors for autumn than we are here in Maryland. We ran into a little glitch during the planning phase. The place that we originally planned to stay notified us about a month out that they had made an error in booking and we would only be able to stay one night with them and would have to move somewhere else. They seemed surprised when I asked for a refund and declined to stay one night with them. I informed them that I didn’t want to move somewhere else so I would not be staying with them at all. They finally agreed to a full refund and I went to our second choice, which was a Victorian Bed and Breakfast in the main historic area downtown.

We planned to arrive early enough to catch one of the train rides that would take us into the mountains to view the fall foliage. As we drove into town, we saw that there was a picnic area by the train station, so we decided to take our snacks and have a light lunch before the train ride. While my husband purchased the tickets, I went to scout out a spot for lunch. And immediately discovered that the area was swarming with bees. Not just a few, but hundreds of bees. They were everywhere. Even in the shade, which is rare as bees tend to like sunshine and not shade, but it didn’t matter to them. As for me, I am someone who if bitten, swells up a lot. Like major swelling. So I hurried back to my husband, who was noticing the bees around the ticket window as well. Lunch was eaten back in our car and we waited to board the train until they blew the five-minute warning whistle.

View From the Train

View From the Train

The ride into the mountains was very pretty. I left most of the picture-taking to my husband as he is taller and can hold the camera higher. We saw several roads that led to some of the areas around the mountain, so we decided to go back the next morning to check out some of the old tunnels that had been used to haul coal back in the 1800’s. After the train ride, we had some time before we could check into the B & B, so we drove out to find the monument to Jim Thorpe, which was in the other area of town.

Upon checking into the B & B, we were told to just go up to our room on the third floor and the owner would be up in a few minutes to go show us where everything was. Our room was the only one on the floor and we had a small terrace that had a nice view of the mountains. After a brief meeting with the owner, she gave us our keys and said that she would bring up our breakfast baked goods before she left for the day. After unpacking a few things, my husband and I decided to go explore the downtown area. There is a street that runs behind the building that we were staying with little shops and restaurants dotted among the houses. The surprising thing was that many of the shops were already closed for the day. Checking the hours, most were open from 11-4. We poked around those that were still open. My husband was looking for a little gift for his co-worker that would be picking up most of his work while he was gone. He didn’t find anything for her, but we did find a set of slate coasters that were made in Pennsylvania and were rather cute. We ended up back at the B & B and sat on the front porch for a while as we tried to decide where to go for dinner. We had passed several places, so we pulled out our phones and searched for recommendations. We ended up going to a little Asian restaurant down the street and it ended up being very good.

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

The next day we left after breakfast and found the roads that we had seen the day before from the train. We explored the tunnels and enjoyed the mist floating down from the mountain. We also explored the surrounding area in our search for the covered bridges that I had read about when researching the trip. We found both of them. One is still in use today and the other is located in a State Park. We planned on lunch at Roadies Restaurant and Bar, which is located at Penn’s Peak, which is a concert venue. The food was typical bar food, but was really good. It was the view that was the main feature. We ate lunch while bopping to music from the 80’s and relaxing with the view. If you are in the area, even if you just get to the parking lot, stop and take a look. You won’t be disappointed.

House of Jerky

House of Jerky

We made it back into town in time to tour a couple of the museums and shops. Before dinner we decided to take advantage of the little terrace outside our room, catch up on the news and read a little. After just a few minutes we started to hear a loud buzzing. Looking up we realized that it was a drone. Someone thought it would be a good idea to buzz the street. It kept going back and forth and was rather annoying so after flipping it off, we went back inside. After dinner, we found a shop that we knew would have the perfect gift for our son, the House of Jerky. We had a really nice time getting away and spending time together. There were some WTF moments, so I will write about those next time.


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  1. Looks like a beautiful place. Sorry if I forgot this, but was this your anniversary trip?


    • It was very pretty and relaxing, minus the bees 🙂 Yes, it was our mini anniversary trip. We are planning a couple of day trips back up to Pennsylvania before the snow moves in.


  2. Sounds like you had a great time! And have enjoyed the pictures. Our foliage is usually either along already, but with a hot dry summer, its a bit late. In another week or so, it will look like fireworks through there. Such a great time to head up there. Glad you enjoyed it.


    • We did have a great time. Just getting away was nice. It was over much too soon. We are planning a day trip in the next few weeks, so we’ll get to see the leaves again before winter comes.


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