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Destination Poconos–Thanks to Mistress Maddie


Next month, my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary. It really is hard to believe that we have been married for that long. Looking through the pictures that my husband has been scanning lately, we looked so young back then. When we first planned to marry, the Army decided that my husband would be deployed when we wanted to get married, so we went to the Justice of the Peace and were married at the courthouse. It was a Friday and on Monday, when my husband went to work, he learned the deployment was canceled, so we were married again three months later in the church, but we celebrate the August date.

We didn’t have a honeymoon. We couldn’t afford it back then and we talked about someday going somewhere to celebrate. Before long, years passed and while we have gone on vacations, we still never had what would be considered a honeymoon. When we moved to the east coast, we talked about going to Vermont in the fall for our 25th, but when my husband started his new job last year, he had to start earning vacation time all over. We didn’t want to take a whole week to go somewhere so I was tasked with trying to find somewhere close by that we could go to for a long weekend. Many people have talked about going to the Poconos, but they also say that it was years ago and they weren’t sure if the places they visited were still nice. One day, while visiting one of the blogs that I read, Mistress Maddie was discussing her recent Memorial Day getaway with a side stop to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. She included several photos and the one from the veranda of the Harry Packer Mansion with a view of the mountain side covered in trees totally caught my interest. I kept looking at the picture and thinking that the view must be incredible in the fall.

I began to research the town and learned that they have a fall festival every weekend starting in September and all through October. They also have fall foliage train rides which is something that we also want to do. I sent some links to my husband to get his input and researched places to stay. While the mansion is booked up, we were able to find a little bed and breakfast in town that had an opening for when we could take leave. We are booked and planning our stay. I have started my packing list…yes, I know it’s early, but can you tell that I’m excited?

So thank you Mistress Maddie for being such a wonderful tour guide in your descriptions of your travels. You inspired us with a place to visit. While our trip won’t be as wild as yours are 😉 we are thankful that you helped us decide where we wanted to go and we will have a cock-a-tail in your honor as we relax and take in the view.


Hot, Humid and Steamy

Hot Humid

Well summer has finally arrived in Maryland. It would have been just fine with me if the spring-like weather stayed around a little longer. The weather in Maryland is rather unique. Sometimes in the spring we hardly get any rain and then whammy, we get days and days of rain like the month of May. So much rain we thought we would have to build an ark. We actually had rain 15 days straight, starting in late April. Then it stopped for 1 day and started to rain again the following day. The record was 17 days, so we fell short by two days. It seems that in the summer, we tend to get fast-moving storms that pop up, drop and few drops of rain and then move out, leaving behind even hotter, more humid weather. That is what we have been having lately. The grass is starting to look dry and brittle. It will green back up after some rain and a few nights with temperatures in the 60’s, but we haven’t had many nights in the 60’s lately.

Yes, I know there are those people who say they love warm weather, but they aren’t loving things right now. Apparently we are under something that the meteorologists call a Heat Dome. And of course Maryland is under the dome. I find it ironic that the same weather people who aren’t afraid to call for a blizzard with several feet of snow in the winter are afraid to say that the temperature might reach 100 degrees (or 37.7778 degrees C for JP). All week they were forecasting the weekend to be 96-98 degrees. Really? When it is 9:00 in the morning and already 92 degrees outside, you know it is going to be 100, so just say so. The humidity brings the heat index to 108 degrees, which is just uncomfortable.

We had the usual weekend errands to run and it was impossible to do so without sweating. Thank goodness the new car has great air conditioning. Today, we are staying inside, catching up on reading, maybe napping. In other words, doing as little as possible. The forecasters are calling for a break in the weather on Wednesday…the high is supposed to be 88 degrees. I’m not sure when 88 became cool, but by then I think I will be ready for it. I might have to break out the sweater 🙂 Until then it is ice tea with plenty of ice and maybe some ice cream later. Hmm that sounds good. Is it later yet?

I hope the weather is better where ever you are in the world.


Reminiscing About Movies

Let me start by admitting that the last movie I saw in a theater was The Incredibles. The original, not the second one. That was in 2004 or 12 years ago. We went as a family and I remember that my husband and I laughed more than our son, which seemed to be the case with most of the families that day. The parents got the jokes, the kids, not so much. What I enjoyed the most was that our family spent an enjoyable day together with a movie and then dinner out. We seemed to do more of that back then. Of course, our son was younger, so he still spent time with his parents. 🙂

Growing up we didn’t go to the movies. With six children, my family couldn’t afford it. On the weekend after dinner we would gather in the family room and watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom or whatever movie was being shown on ABC, which was usually family friendly. Some might think that we were somehow deprived of a childhood experience. For me, I didn’t feel like I was missing out. It truly was a case of what you don’t know can’t hurt you. Once I married, we still couldn’t afford a trip to the movies. We might go to a matinee once in a while, but it wasn’t something we did very often. My son wasn’t a Disney kind of kid so he wasn’t big on movies either.

At work, the conversation often turns to what plans people have for the weekend and I noticed that movies really aren’t mentioned much. Even those who have small children don’t seem to want to see the movies in theaters any more. One of my co-workers asked why no one goes to the movies. Most people admitted that they would rather watch a movie on Netflix or cable when they have time. For me, I rarely find movies that I want to spend money on. If I see something on tv that looks interesting, I might go online to read about it or watch other trailers. If the reviews aren’t good, then I will usually take it off my future watch list. If it still looks like something that I want to see, I’ll keep it on my list. And when it comes out on Netflix or cable and if I am still interested in seeing it, I might watch it.

Club ChairMy husband watches movies more than I do. He always asks if there is something I want to watch and I know that he will sit through something I pick, but I usually don’t want to see anything. We have different tastes in movies. If I say there isn’t anything that I want to see, he will choose something that has things that blows up, has car chases and lots of bad guys. In other words, nothing that I would want to watch. And that is fine. The last move we watched together was Spy with Melissa McCarthy. I literally laughed throughout the movie. But what I remember most was that my husband and I spent time together, sitting in our matching club chairs, each with our own movie snacks and our pug looking back and forth between us hoping for snack from one or the other or both. That was more memorable than the movie.

The Search For A New Car…Ugh!!!

When my husband took his current job, it meant that his daily commute went from 20 minutes round trip in the car to 2 hours or possibly longer depending on traffic. We have a 2003 Saturn Vue, which was supposed to be our son’s car except he never got his driver’s license, that had under 70,000 miles on it, so he has been driving that most days back and forth to work. The air conditioning doesn’t work and we really don’t want to put $700 into a 13-year-old car, so it was fine to drive until the weather warmed up. So my husband wants to start looking for a good commuter car, which is one that gets good gas mileage.

He has been looking at different models and if he sees someone with one that he is considering, he asks them about it. At times it looks like the list is getting smaller, but then he might add another one on. But he hasn’t gone to look for any at the dealerships until he could narrow his list down. He is looking at a smaller vehicle and wants to see how comfortable it is to sit in since he is going to be in it for roughly 10 hours a week. We went to one dealership after dinner one night. The salesman at the dealership we went to was really nice and accepted when my husband told him we weren’t buying today, but wanted to get a feel for the vehicle. He let us sit and explore one and we liked it. He gave us his card and asked my husband when he might be looking to buy. My husband told him he might wait until the 2017 models come out this fall because he likes the updates that will be made to the electronics. We drove away without feeling pressured and when we are ready to buy and thought that we would make sure we go back to see if him. But that feeling lasted all of one day, which was when the sales manager decided that he needed to blow my husband’s phone up wanting to know why we didn’t buy the car. The next dealership also took you around the lot and said that he understood that we weren’t buying a car that day, but as soon as you were done looking, out came the sales manager and the pressure was on. And we were gone.

Last weekend we stopped at several different places and at the last one, the young salesman and my husband bonded over the Army, as they both served. He asked what we wanted in a vehicle and my husband listed what the features that he was interested in. He took us to the vehicle that had all of them and then went over every aspect of the vehicle. I liked it from the beginning. The color was right, the interior was nice and I liked the look of everything. He gave us the booklet describing the vehicle, his card and a promise not to bring out his sales manager. We left with a good feeling and a lot of material to research, since we hadn’t considered that vehicle. On the way home my husband asked what I thought and I told him that was the only vehicle that we looked at that I liked everything about. With other ones, I liked a few things, but there were other things that I didn’t like. He said liked it too, but he needed to research and I told him I knew he would.

We both took a day off of work on Friday and decided to look at a few more places, but we ended up back at the dealership from the prior weekend. We met the salesman who gave us the keys to the same model vehicle and let us take it for a test drive. He said that he would look to see if the one we had seen was still on the lot. After the test drive, which was really nice, the salesman brought the one we wanted down from another lot and after going through it again, it was time to negotiate, which is the part I hate. This time, it really was rather painless and we got a great deal.

So here is the newest member of our family….


Happy 4th of July


Wishing You a Safe and Happy 4th of July!!!

Congratulations Jean Paul and Guido

corinthia_londonCongratulations on the start of your new journey!!!

Wishing You Much Love and Happiness!!!

July Is Sarcoma Awareness

sarcomaThe month of July brings awareness to Sarcoma Cancer. Do you know where that type of cancer develops? Most people have heard of sarcoma, but have no idea what type of cancer it is. Sarcoma is a cancer that is usually found in tissue, such as muscle, fat, hands and bones. Unusual swelling or soreness in one of these areas can be one of the symptoms of sarcoma. To learn more about sarcoma, click on the links below:

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