And There Is Tartan–Shout Out To JP

As I searched for my family history, I mentioned in a previous post that one of my Great-grandfather’s x 5 was a Revolutionary War Patriot who immigrated from Scotland and fought on the side of the Colonies, North Carolina to be precise. Jean Paul replied that there must be tartan and he was right. After a search for the Clan Balfour, I learned that each tartan has what is considered the Ancient colors and the Modern Colors. I also learned that there were everyday tartans and ones used for hunting. So here are the tartans that represents the Balfour family:

Balfour Blue and the Balfour Clan Crest:







Hunting Tartan (Below)

Hunting Tartan










I know that there are many variations of the tartans, but these were the two that I came across most often in my research. It has been fun learning the history of my family came from.  And thank you JP, I have tartan and I am sure that there are other clans represented in my family. I will be looking for those as well. There are also castles, some of which still exist today.


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  1. As well as another terrific idea…


  2. My sofa would look great in that!!!


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