Trying To Find a Balance

With the arrival of warmer weather comes the need for my husband and myself to compromise when it comes to deciding what to do on our time off. He is someone who enjoys being outside and can usually be found puttering around in the yard, washing and vacuuming out the vehicles and doing every little thing he can find to do outside. I am the opposite. I enjoy being outside when it is cool, but once the heat and humidity arrives, I prefer the air conditioning. One of the reasons is that I take a medication that has a side effect that makes me sensitive to heat. If I get too warm, I turn red and a rash develops. It can also happen if the lights in the office are too bright or if it is too warm inside. So I enjoy spring, fall and winter, but summer, not so much.

As we approached the Memorial Day weekend, I took two days off of work, which meant that I had a 5 day weekend. My husband had 4 days off. We were looking at things to do over the weekend, but then the weather went from the 60’s to the upper 80’s literally overnight. That usually means that we need to find things to do that are a combination of inside and outside. The outside being that I can stay in the cool air conditioning of the car, while my husband explores close by. Sometimes he will drop me off as close to the entrance as possible and go to park the car. I will go inside to wait for him and then we will explore inside, such as an art exhibit or museum. If there are things to see outside, I may go for a few minutes, but will return to wait inside for him to finish exploring. I always tell him to take his time, but I know that he often hurries through and doesn’t get to enjoy things as much as he might if things were different.

So the question of what to do this past weekend came up and I threw out several ideas of places that I want to go visit, but with it being a holiday weekend, the crowds will be bigger than usual and in the end, how much do you really get to see when people are pushing and shoving you out of their way as if they are the only ones who are there playing tourist? Not much. So we decided to stay close to home. My husband is continuing his quest to reorganize the basement and trying to grow grass in the one or two bare spots in the yard. We will be grilling out and I have a new potato salad recipe to try. We’ll find another weekend to explore. I found a boat tour on the Bay that sounds fun and my husband would like to go to Medieval Times, so that is something that I need to look into. After all, Father’s Day is coming.


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