Chair, Rocker, Glider—What To Choose?

The deck is coming together nicely so my husband and I are trying to decide on seating. The chairs that we had were rather banged up from the move several years ago and the scratches in the metal began to rust with the moist, salty air. The contractor actually offered to take them to refinish. So now, we have to find something to sit on. We do have a pub height table and two chairs that fold up. We usually use it when we want to have lunch outside. But I want something that is comfortable and will make me want to stay outside and enjoy things.

In the past, I have never really spent much time on the deck. We have neighbors on one side of us and whenever they are outside, I feel like they are watching us, which makes me uncomfortable. Rationally, I know they could care less what we are doing, but if I want to sit on the deck with a cup of coffee in my pajamas on a lazy weekend morning, I shouldn’t have to worry about the neighbors. When we decided to redo the deck, the one thing that I wanted was some sort of privacy wall to block the view of the neighbors. Our deck has two sections and the top section will have the wall while the bottom section will have the railings.

I have always wanted a large porch with rocking chairs on it. Growing up, our front porch had a swing and two glider chairs. One of my favorite memories is sitting on the porch with my dad, watching the world go by and just talking. I picture myself rocking the day away with a cup of coffee or glass of sweet tea. Unfortunately, my front porch is actually more of a stoop, so no room for a rocking chair there, but I will soon have a deck and it needs chairs. I started my search for outdoor rocking chairs and found everything from plain, plastic looking ones to those that are more ornate and much more expensive. One of the home improvement stores in the county had a wicker rocker so we stopped in to look at it. Or should I say looked up at it. The chair was on display 18 feet up. We wanted to sit in it and test it out so we asked if it could be taken down. After getting a huge ladder contraption, the clerk climbed up and discovered that the chair was locked down with something like a bike lock and no one knew who had the key. We left without getting to test out the rocker.

My husband wasn’t sold on the rocking chair idea. So then I started thinking about getting a regular chair and a rocking chair. Nope. What about getting those chairs that stack one on top of the other and come in all sorts of colors? Nope. What about a chaise lounge chair? Nope. We looked at many different chairs and nothing was what we wanted. Then my husband remembered a place outside of town that had Adirondack chairs, which I don’t want, but he thought they might have other types as well. And he was right. They had gliders!!! Which are a cross between a chair and a rocker. It also helped that when he sat down, the glider was roomy and comfortable. They are a little pricey, but we won’t have to replace them every two years, so that is a good thing. Now if we can only decide on the color.


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