Springing Forward….Umm ….I’d Rather Not

Daylight SavingsI understand the concept of Daylight Savings time. I do. Farmers needed the extra daylight to take care of their crops and needed all the daylight they could get. But that was decades ago. Today’s farm equipment has huge lights and they can work long after the sun sets if necessary. What I don’t understand is why the U.S decided to move Daylight Savings time around. Now we turn back the clocks later in the fall and spring forward much earlier, this year before spring even starts.

The extra sunlight is great, but it sure does make it hard to sleep. Of course, that’s assuming that you were able to adjust your sleep pattern after the last change of the clocks. And you end up changing a lot more than your sleep pattern. I usually get up for work at 4:30 am. After the time change, that would be 3:30 am, so I am definitely be dragging in the morning. It will take lots of coffee. It also means that I will be getting the dog up an hour earlier than normal, so he won’t be ready to do all of his business before I leave for work as I am the last to leave. And pugs can definitely be cranky when they want to. Coming home, we will be eating at the same time, which is actually an hour earlier. If you are someone who does not like eating late because you get up early, you will understand that this can be hard to adjust to.

I am convinced that the change to daylight savings time is just a ploy by the energy companies to make more money. The longer the daylight, the hotter the day gets, which leads to higher electric bills because we want to stay cool. That means higher profit for the companies and less money in our pockets. I feel sorry for the thirteen states that are caught between two time zones, like Indiana and Kansas. While my state looks strange on a map, at least we are all in the same time zone. Hawaii doesn’t change their time as all, so we are six hours ahead of them right now and sometimes five in the fall. Totally confusing. There is a movement to do away with the changing of the clocks. I’m looking forward to that.


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  1. I feel for you! 3.30? That is the middle of the night. I hope that bonkers boss of yours appreciates it.


    • She did say that the one thing she never has to worry about is me being late or calling in sick. I do get to leave earlier in the afternoon and that is nice with the weather turning warmer. But she might be surprised when I put in for my vacation.


  2. We Spring forward in time in the UK on Sunday week – Easter weekend. It’s my favourite day of the year. Yes, honestly.


    • 🙂 I think my problem is that they keep moving it around and it’s separated by only a few months, so we never really adjust. The only one who has adjusted is the pug. His stomach let’s him know when it’s time to eat regardless of time changes.


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