The Quest For Soft Skin

LotionGrowing up in the Midwest, I don’t remember having to use a lot of lotions to keep my skin soft. I think this was due to using bar soap, either Dove or Ivory. All the different body washes and lotions weren’t created yet. It was a wash cloth and a bar of soap. Hopefully the towel was soft and that was it. After getting married and moving to the southern U.S., I rarely had to use lotion to keep my skin soft. I truly think this was due to the fact that it was much more humid in the south, so your skin stayed nice and moist. Of course, the humidity was not good to my hair, which is fine to begin with, and living in the south for 11 years meant my hair looked limp all the time.

The best my skin ever felt was during our time living in Louisiana. The day usually started with humidity in the 95-100% range and one would hope that it would drop as the day went on. For the most part, the humidity stayed in the 70% range and the result was that my skin stayed hydrated all the time. I rarely had to apply any type of lotion and usually only to my hands. But for the past several years, as aging and hormones factor in, I have struggled to keep my skin soft and not irritated and dry. As a result, I am always buying different lotions, using them for a few weeks and then when they don’t work any longer, moving on to the next one, which leave bottles partially used. I tend to put them in the cabinet in the master bath and whenever my husband needs some, he has a variety to choose from. I usually do a purge once a year and then I see how much I wasted on those that didn’t work.

Since moving to the east coast, I discovered Vanilla Bean Noel by Bath and Body Works, which only comes out during the holidays. I literally buy 12 tubes of their body cream to last me the whole year. It smells so good and my husband loves it. While it does keep my skin smooth, I find myself having to reapply lotion throughout the day. Imagine my surprise when I read on-line that most lotions and body washes actually dry out your skin. I can only think that this is so you will buy more. Good for the companies. Not a good thing for me. I tried using bar soap again, thinking that since it worked as a child, it might work again. But apparently my body chemistry has changed drastically because after using both soaps I grew up on, I find that my skin smells like sour milk. Not something that I want to smell like all day long. So now I have taken to buying the little travel size lotions and if they don’t work, I will know by the time the tube is empty and I should save money in the end. Of course my husband might have to start his own lotion search since I won’t be filling the cabinet with partially used bottles anymore.


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  1. It’s got to be Peter Thomas Roth’s Mega Rich Body Lotion for me. There’s a tip from a GAY reader of your blog! Oh and your husband will love it too.


    • I’ll take any tips. I’ve seen men with beautiful skin, but I’m too shy to ask what they use. I’ll have to Google the lotion to see if it available near me. If not there’s always Amazon. 🙂


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