And The Snow Continues….

Our Back Deck

Our Back Deck

Blizzard part 2…the first round of snow came through during the night and with the winds, the snow totaled over 12 inches. So with the drifting that is taking place, there are places where the snow is up to our window. What is strange is that one of our windows that is two stories up has snow halfway up the window. It blew from the roof, but it just adds to the trapped inside feeling. Hmm, might make a good plot for a story.

Anyway, the son shoveled a path on the back deck to the yard for the pug to have a place to potty. But, believe me, he will race outside, squat anywhere and race back inside. He won’t go far to potty. The husband is currently using the snow blower to try to uncover our driveway. He is probably wishing we bought a bigger one. I did ask him that the last time we got a big snowfall and he replied, “How often do we get this much snow?” About every two years I think. We didn’t even use the snow blower at all last year. The plows haven’t made a pass on our street, but since we live on a little cul-de-sac off a long and twisty road, I don’t expect them to come anytime soon. Once they do, they will make one pass, just enough to pile the snow high and block the driveway back in.

According to the weather people, the worst is still to come today with another foot or more expected…and it is supposed to be heavier and wetter, so more shoveling and blowing are in the future. At least we still have electricity and the internet, so we aren’t suffering. It does amaze me when you know you can’t go out, you start to feel like you need to go somewhere, but when you have the freedom to leave the house, we want to stay in. Another of life’s little moments of hmmm.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend wherever you are in the world. And if you’re on the East coast, stay safe digging out!!!


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  1. Its bone dry here in London. I am guessing the ice cream phase has gone and you are thinking about a hot chilli?


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