The Funny Thing About Turning the Clock Back


Our family had a good laugh Sunday morning about Daylight Savings Time and turning the clocks back. The laugh came when we asked our son if he would get the ladder to reach the one clock on the wall that needed to be manually turned back. He got the ladder out, took down the clock and proceeded to change the time. It took a minute for him to realize it was the hour hand (little one) that needed to turn back, but he had to go completely around eleven times to do it. Of course, the few minutes that it took was just enough to cause him to grumble about it “wasting time” and “taking too long.” And I didn’t mention that I had also grumbled when I realized earlier that morning that I needed to set the clock on the stove and the microwave…or that it took several tries to get the times to match up 🙂

This caused us to reminisce about growing up when you needed to change every clock in the house. My son shuddered at the thought. He’s grown up in the age of the cell phones and technology that makes the change for you. He owns a watch that we bought when he was much younger. We offered to buy him a new one and he asked us why. “I have my cell phone.” He’s right. I have a lot of watches and I can’t remember the last time I wore one. I work in an office where we can have our cell phone near us, so when I want to know the time, I look at my phone.

I remember the ritual the Saturday before the clocks were to be changed. My mom would go around the house after dinner and change all the clocks either forward or back. This was because my dad wanted to know what time it was if he had to get up after 2:00 am to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water. Nope, he didn’t want to have to take the time to quickly add or subtract the hour to find the correct time. He wanted to know at a glance. It was our job as kids to go behind mom and make sure that none of the clocks were missed. Of course there was always one that wouldn’t get changed and I always wondered if it were my dad going behind us and changing it back. It was nice to think back to how it used to be in a time long past. I wonder if my son would think that he had missed out on doing this? Doubtful, but I still wonder.

And now I’m headed to the garage to set the clocks in the cars to the correct time. I guess we still have a few that don’t change on their own. But I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before they do.


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